Genoa Restaurants

While visiting Genoa, you’ll have the opportunity to dine on traditional Mediterranean cuisine. The food style features intense flavors and multiple ingredients. Furthermore, Genoese food is frequently labor intensive and challenging to make. Chefs who produce tasty Genoese cuisine blend simple ingredients to heighten the flavor of each component to produce food combinations that harmonize perfectly. Popular ingredients in Genoese cooking include:

• Aromatic herbs
• Mushrooms
• Pine nuts
• Walnuts
• Ligurian olive oil

In Genoa, you’ll find the most authentic cuisine in establishments that are family owned and operated. Also, be sure to look for eateries that are close to the cathedral as they serve traditional dishes. Trattoria Della Raibetta, I Tre Merli and Lupo are amazing places to eat. If you have the time, then be sure to visit Trattoria Da Maria and Da Gaia as these establishments also serve quality Genoese food.

Trattoria Della Raibetta

At the Trattoria Della Raibetta, you can eat traditional fish-based dishes. Also, consider ordering the trofiette al pesto since it’s the establishment’s signature dish. The rice side is also homemade. Be sure to review the wine list because it features more than 200 different vintages.

I Tre Merli

For stylish ambiance and delicious food, you should dine at the I Tre Merli. The chef makes superb salted cod fritters as well as veal that is stuffed with potatoes and porcini mushrooms. While there, order a glass of wine with focaccia col formaggio, which is one of the restaurant’s wood-fired snacks.

Trattoria Da Maria

If you stop by the Trattoria Da Maria, then you’ll have the chance to eat authentic Genoese pesto, and since the eatery is a basic establishment, the food is delicious and affordable. You’ll locate the Trattoria Da Maria in a dim alley, and once you are there, you may find yourself making new friends as the owners expect their patrons to share tables. The food is delivered fast, so visit the restaurant on a day when you’re in a hurry to eat. The eatery is open daily for lunch. On Thursday and Friday, the Trattoria Da Maria also serves dinner.


For a tasty home cooked meal, eat at Lupo. The restaurant’s staff members will treat you like family, and they will greet you as soon as you step inside. Lupo’s wine list is exceptional, and you’ll surely enjoy the eatery’s décor as it features antiques like a grandfather clock, cast iron candelabras and old photos. Menu options consist of ravioli in walnut sauce, cuttlefish smothered in tomato sauce and luscious desserts.

Da Gaia

Despite its gloomy surroundings, the Da Gaia restaurant is a delightful place to eat. The diner frequently wins the title of “Best Local Restaurant,” and those who recommend it advise future diners to try the fish. Consider ordering the antipasto vegetable dish, tuna or prawns. The establishment also cooks delicious pesto, stewed rabbit and salsa di noci, which is walnut sauce.

Final Thoughts

Genoa is a city that features incredible architecture and food. While there, you can take amazing pictures, purchase unique souvenirs and thrill your taste buds with delectable cuisine.